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Over the past seven years, European boogiemeisters Cool Million have delivered consistently remarkable R&B gems for the dance floor featuring cream-of-the-crop vocalists in fresh melodic settings. From stylish newcomers such as Meagan McNeil and Jahah to soulful superstars like Meli’sa Morgan and Leroy Burgess, the German-Danish production duo has reminded listeners around the world that even in a marketplace saturated by artificially grown hits, it’s still possible to create authentic and meaningful recordings that make bodies move.

Cool Million previews its upcoming fourth album, Sumthin’ Like This (due in May), with the richly satiating title cut fronted by Tim Owens—who first came to the public’s attention with the early-1990s treasures “Smile” and “I’m Hooked.” Bearing an anthemic hook that sticks like glue, the lucid horn arrangements and Owens’ inviting tenor delivery on “Sumthin’ Like This” are a guaranteed catch for fans of previous CM hits like “Back for More” and “Without Your Love.” The combination of classic melody, smart rhythms, and eloquent lyrics make it an ideal SoulTracks First Listen. Listen below and leave us your thoughts!


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